Thursday, 5 July 2007

50th Anniversary: Cynthia Wake's memories and photos

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28th January 2006
Dear Harry, Sarah and friends
How good that you are celebrating the fifty years of the new building - I reflect that in today's climate the replacement might never have happened!
I hope to be with you but weather will need to permit as I do not like de-icing the car before dawn - I may investigate somewhere with en-suite bathroom for the Saturday night. If I do make it I shall need to fit my seat raiser in one of the toilets on arrival for use all day -1 hope this will be OK.
I enclose some memories and a few photos - these you need not return until after the event as I will collect if with you.
Sadly it seems that I used most of the Church events to take photographs of my friends from Dick's previous parish which had sponsored me for Paraguay so few of my stock feature friends from All Saints". I enclose 7 which may be of some interest:
-> Margaret and Betty T - Wardens - at David and Rosemary Smart's wedding
-> the gang at Ashburnham
-> Owens canoeing at Ashburnham
-> Cynthia, Margaret, Jessie and ? at Mabledon
-> Alan and Stuart Brundritt after evening service
-> Betty W, Geoff W and Jessie after evening service
-> House group at 106 - gentleman on left is a Harry (I think) but the young man at back and the lady in the front I cannot name.
I hope to be with you on the day.
Yours in Christ

Cynthia Wake

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