Thursday, 5 July 2007

50th anniversary message from John Barnard

I was very interested to receive your note concerning the 50th anniversary celbrations,I well remember the laying of the foundation stone as well as the eventual consecration sevice 18 months later .At that time I was 21 years old and during my time at All Saints had been head choir boy in the old "Mission Hall" moving on to help Roy Boff with the Boy's Bible Class whilst the young lady (who latter became Mrs Barnard} :Rosemary Smith was in charge of the Girls class.
During those years I was very keen on photography and took several 'photos of the stone laying these plus many more of the actual consecration these were offered for sale to church members with the profits being donated to the church building fund.Thus I'm certain that copies of these pictures must by now be hidden in drawers all over the parish! I may indeed have copies here but please don't ask me where!
I'sad to report that Rosemary died on January 3 rd otherwise some of her rememberances could be included in this note.There are other folk who were in out "group" who you have probably written to who may be able to help you further. Certainly it was our connexion with ALL SAINTS that nurtured our faith and we all have many happy memories of our time at All Saints.
Should you think that I can help you more do not hesitate to contact me further. Although I hope to be in the UK in "spring" I shall not be there in time for the FEBRUARY 19 service but certainly hope that our Lords presencw
will be felt by all who attend, With best wishes John M Barnard